Our founders plant hope and innovation with their seed rounds for future generations to come. 

Knockout Capital comes in two parts. Our incubator is a free 1-week program, powered by Weclikd Inc. Our venture investments are an allocated portion of the Osone single family office and multi-stage investment vehicle. We do not lead investments.


We aim to fund 2-3 startups per year via syndication of 50k-750k and potential follow-up rounds. If you are syndicate partner, please log in to access our deals.

For startups, our incubator and investment not only increases traction, partnerships, and knowledge base, but the odds of future rounds. Our extensive partnerships with the top VCs, corporates, and forums in the valley help get you an exit. 

Selected startups will be invited to partner with various pitch events and receive 1:1 mentorship from our angel investors.

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