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This is a list of opportunities offered by startups within the Knockout Capital network and family and likewise partner firms. If you'd also like to apply to be a fellow with us, please use the button below and send us your resume.

Job Board

Please reach out to the company directly, with a dedicated resume, your mission statement, and professional e-mail address on why you would be a great fit. 


Jyosh AI is a full stack agriculture platform that competes with traditional tractors and solutions for commodity management. They are seeking roboticists who understand their technology and to work with deployment of solutions to leading research institutions and contractual partners. 

Chemical Engineer

Mussel Polymers is seeking a Chemical Engineer to aid with the development and design of their proprietary adhesive and patent estate. Partnerships include pilots with UCLA Health and Temple University, as well as the U.S. Navy in case studies of their product.

Business Development

Vasitum is a leading AI/ML full stack recruiting solution seeking recruiters and business development to build out their platform. They seek to work with recruiting platforms and recruiters to automate the manual process of hiring. 

Marketing Officer

Blockdox is a hardware agnositic IoT solution layer giving rise to the future of smart cities and interconnectivity. Their government contracts are most notable within the urban mobility space as they make buildings and places more energy efficient, and explicate answers via smart data.

Head of Sales

New Latern the next generation medical imaging for radiologists that is cloud-native, AI/ML based, and automates legacy workflows. They are hiring the head of sales to network with more radiologists, clinicians, and expand business growth.

Advisory Board

Fruit Street Health is a telehealth company that is owned by 500+ physicians and angel investors who have invested $25+ million into building our company over the last seven years. They are seeking advisors to aid them along their journey and build B2B partnerships.

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