Why Your Kids Really Watch Fox News and Who Their True Idols Are

Kylie. Bezos. Elon. Now what exactly do they have all in common?

GenZ's Fav Brands

All of these top consumer brands and marketplaces are accepting, and most of all have a sense of "you can do it". Surprisingly on the top 100 list is Walmart, TarJ, and the Dollar Tree (which I personally love for party favors). It means that they know how to make things look chill, while getting the bang for their buck.

For entertainment, ofc Playstation, Ninetendo and Marvel are up there, and it's not because at Bonsai we love Japanese culture and Groot. It's because these brands empower their consumers to be the hero of their own story.

Political Views

If you want to be cool, you want to be a brand politically aligned. They say there's no such thing as bad press, but sometimes bad press, is bad press.

If you want to be cool, abscond from support of things such as violence, bigotry, the military, and being ultra left or right wing.

While political views can sometimes garner more traction and loyalty, they can also go against you. Like the top 15 brands that may have a somewhat slight political bent, remember to stay cool.

Who to Follow

Okay I am not quite sure why people in the SV are giving me the micdrop on this, but here's a list of researched people to follow. I certainly don't follow them, and it's a growing trend that GenZ values making money/ prestige as well as stability as part of their career choice, so it's rather odd that they still keep up with the Kardashians.

To be fair, I like Kylie Cosmetics, and Elon, two of the people that top not only as influencers as the coolest people but billionaires in the consumer space.

Bezos... well while he doesn't influence up front, he's become an icon in necessity with the Amazon golden smile and 2-day shipping. I can't live without that.

Proof: you can be a badass and chill too.


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