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Managing Director

Kiyoko is an angel investor leading 45+ active investors in the robotics and deep tech space. The core of our existence relies on the entomological questioning of what fuels the future: of what we imbibe and what powers our society. Be it the re-imagined version of protein to the kalman filters that smoothen robotic movements, she seeks startups on a mission that redefine our reality. 

Kiyoko herself has redefined her reality in a multitude of ways, with her non-linear life path. She has self-taught herself to code, applying R and VBA to markets analysis, and now Python as she builds Weclikd Inc.

Previously, she was at Morgan Stanley and managed grant applications as a premedical student published at UCLA. She later joined Venture University for Cohort 2 in consumer investments, panelist and mentor for sFoundation, Pitchforce, and Alchemist Accelerator and served as the Managing Director of Cryptonite Ventures before launching her own firm.

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